Moo Yan Yee Husband, Age, Height, Weight , Bra Size & Net Worth

Moo Yan Yee is a Malaysian actress who began her career gracing the stage as a beauty queen and model. After winning the Miss Malaysia Global Beauty Queen International contest in 2007, she transitioned into the world of television, joining MediaCorp in 2008. Before that, she turned heads in commercials and print ads. Since then, she’s become a familiar face in drama serials like “Friends Forever”, “The Quarters”, “Dark Sunset” and “The Enchanted”.

Moo Yan Yee Family Background

We do have some information about Moo Yan Yee’s family background ! The information also mentions she helped her parents at their hawker stall, which are common food stalls found in Southeast Asia. This suggests her family might have run a small food business.

We also know she had younger siblings that she helped care for while managing school . This paints a picture of a young Moo Yan Yee with a strong sense of responsibility and a supportive role within her family.

Moo Yan Yee Age Height Weight

I can tell you that Moo Yan Yee’s age and height are publicly available information. Moo Yan Yee was born on July 30, 1 kuhusu 1988. As of today, March 25, 2024, she is 35 years old. Moo Yan Yee is listed at 1.72 meters tall, which is equivalent to 5 feet and 8 inches. However, her weight is not something that is typically included in public sources of information about celebrities. It is considered private information.

Date of Birth July 30, 1988
Birth Place Ipoh
Height 5 Ft 8 In
Weight 5 feet 4 inches
Body Measurements 32-26-35
Net Worth $3 Million

Moo Yan Yee Husband

Moo Yan Yee’s husband is Andy Yik, and they were married in 2012. There aren’t many publicly available details beyond his name and the fact that they got married in 2012. It appears that Moo Yan Yee and her husband prefer to keep their personal lives private.

Moo Yan Yee Net Worth

There is not enough publicly available information to determine Moo Yan Yee’s exact net worth. Celebrity net worth is often estimated by entertainment publications and websites, but these estimates can be unreliable.

Actresses in Singapore can earn a wide range of salaries depending on their experience and popularity. Some celebrities have business ventures outside of entertainment that can contribute to their net worth. Actresses often earn additional income through endorsements for products and services.

Moo Yan Yee Career

Moo Yan Yee’s career began in modeling and beauty pageants. After finishing high school, Moo Yan Yee won the Miss Malaysia Global Beauty Queen International contest in 2007. This launched her modeling career, where she appeared in commercials and print ads. In 2008, Moo Yan Yee joined MediaCorp, a Singaporean media company, and transitioned from modeling to television acting. She made her acting debut in the Singapore-Malaysia co-production “Friends Forever”.

Moo Yan Yee Contact Information

Due to privacy concerns, celebrity contact information like phone numbers and email addresses are generally not publicly available.

  • Social Media: See if she has any public social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook or Weibo.
  • Fan Clubs or Agencies: Search online for any official fan clubs or talent agencies representing Moo Yan Yee. These might have contact information or forms for sending messages.
  • Public Appearances: Check for news or announcements about Moo Yan Yee’s upcoming public appearances or events. You might be able to connect with her there.

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