Meg Mathews Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth & Husband

Meg Mathews is a British businesswoman, interior designer, and former music industry figure. She rose to prominence in the 1990s as the wife of Oasis guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher. Mathews was known for her association with the vibrant Britpop scene and her influential role in promoting the band’s image. After her divorce from Gallagher, she focused on her own interests, launching a successful interior design business and becoming an advocate for menopause awareness and support.

Meg Mathews Family

Meg Mathews comes from a close-knit family. She was born in Guernsey, an island in the English Channel. She is most famously known for her marriage to Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher, with whom she has a daughter, Anaïs Gallagher, a successful model and photographer. After her divorce from Noel, Meg has maintained a close relationship with their daughter. Additionally, Meg is an outspoken advocate for menopause support, often discussing the subject with Anaïs to raise awareness.

Meg Mathews Education

She was born in Guernsey and emigrated with her family to South Africa as a child. Meg returned to the UK a few years later. She attended Oxford Sibford Private School until the age of fifteen. Her initial career goal was to become a veterinary nurse, and she completed the qualifications for this role.

Meg Mathews Age, Height & Weight

Here’s a breakdown of Meg Mathews’ age, height, and weight, but keep in mind a few things. Meg Mathews was born on September 14, 1966. That makes her currently 57 years old. Sources estimate her height to be approximately 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm). Meg Mathews does not publicly disclose her weight, and body weight can fluctuate. Focusing on health and well-being is more important than fixating on a specific number on the scale.

Meg Mathews  Husband & Relationship

Meg Mathews has had a few significant relationships throughout her life. Meg’s most famous relationship was her marriage to Oasis guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher. They met in 1994, married in Las Vegas in 1997, and had their daughter Anaïs in 2000. The couple’s divorce was finalized in 2001. Meg has been engaged a few times since her divorce from Noel, but none of these engagements have led to marriage. She’s spoken about finding love in different stages of her life. Recent time In 2022, Meg was linked to influencer Jay James, however, it was later revealed that James had a girlfriend.

Currently, it’s unclear if Meg Mathews is in a relationship. She seems focused on her daughter, her interior design work, and her activism surrounding menopause awareness.

Meg Mathews  Net Worth

Meg Mathews has amassed a respectable net worth through her various endeavors. While exact figures can vary, her net worth is estimated to be several million dollars. She gained significant wealth during her marriage to Noel Gallagher and benefited from their divorce settlement. Following that, Meg developed a successful career as an interior designer with high-profile clients, further increasing her wealth. Additionally, she has been involved in brand endorsements and public appearances that contribute to her overall net worth.

Meg Mathews Contact Number & Social Account

Celebrities and public figures generally keep their personal contact information private for safety and privacy reasons.

  • Social Media: Meg Mathews has an active presence on social media platforms like Instagram (@megmathewsmenopause: [invalid URL removed]). You could try sending her a direct message, though there’s no guarantee of a response.
  • Website: If she has an official website for her interior design business or menopause advocacy work, there might be a contact form or email address listed.

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